Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration®

This is our most intensive regenerative procedure.  A simple procedure with dramatic results, Portrait® plasma skin regeneration takes about 45 minutes. Using plasma energy, Portrait® creates controlled depth heat, eventually replacing old damaged collagen with significant amounts of new collagen and elastin tissue-the key to quality, long-lasting improvement.  Portrait® treats multiple conditions simultaneously. Clinical tests show unparalleled improvement in wrinkling (up to 70-80% improvement of moderate and deep wrinkles), skin laxity, skin texture, acne scars, pore size, surface discoloration and tightening-all at the same time. Can be used for beautiful results on face, neck, chest and hands!

There are four treatment regimens to choose from based on the severity of the problem being treated and the recovery time available.  Restoration time with Portrait® is much more favorable than with many laser procedures. It’s significantly shorter and post-treatment care is easier, while the risk of unwanted side effects is very low. Even with the most intense treatment, it usually takes only 7-10 days for skin restoration.  A consult is required prior to scheduling to assess appropriateness of procedure for each individual client.

$2500 for high intensity face, or 3 low intensity face sessions

Neck $500, Chest $800  Hands $500/pair

Left: Before | Right: 6 months after 1 high intensity portrait plasma treatment and 10 units Botox for crows feet.

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